Who we are.

The Boudreaux's realized when they moved to North Dakota it would take a extraordinary piece of equipment to grill or smoke food outdoors.

So the combined effort of Mrs. Boudreaux's culinary skills and Mr. Boudreauxs engineering background Cajun Custom Cookers was born.


What we Do.

Cajun Custom Cooker specializes in the design and construction of high quality bbq smokers and grills for all types of applications. We use our own special air flow design software to create every cooker so we know it will work perfect for our customer every time they use it.

Once a design is picked every cooker is fully assembled by hand here in MN then Tested & seasoned so your new smoker or grill comes ready to use. 


How we do it.

Our design software ensures proper operation every time. We use a high tech Laser cutting method for unparalleled fit and finish. The 1/4" thick high grade US steel construction coated with our odor free, chemical resistant, high temp finish  guarantee a lifetime of use. 


1st Cajun Smoker ever made

was used for Mrs. Boudreaux's 

BBQ business

Best Built Smoker in 



Cajun Custom Cookers strides every day to create the worlds best smokers in Moorhead, Minnesota. We utilize industry leading design technology, and only use high-quality materials to create an unparalleled product. This is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and unmatched product support.


With all these standard features, it's no wonder the Cajun Custom Cooker is your first and best choice for your new commercial, competition, or custom barbecue pit.

Our cookers are packed with standard features but what does it all mean?

Below is a comprehensive definition of each standard feature. 

  • All custom barbecue pits are 1/4" thick high grade US steel construction. Once the digital plans have  been completed we begin the build by hand selecting 1/4" thick sheets of high grade steel and parts are cut out using state of the art laser technology for superior fit and finish.
  • Computer designed air flow chambers. Each cooker is designed using our state of the art air flow design software. Once our design engineer enters the required cook chamber dimensions our computer determines ratios of all the components to create a perfect air flow for a clean burn and stable cook chamber temps.
  • Insulated fire box. Our Fire box design is the most efficient and versatile design in the industry. It is made up of two 1/4" thick layers of cold rolled steel and is insulated by a one inch air space between the fire box walls. The fire box is also oversize to allow the inner wall of the box to retain and radiate heat back in to the fire box super heating extra air space creating double the BTU's with half the fuel.    This double wall also acts as a extra safety feature by keeping the outer wall a safe to the touch Temp.
  • Fire view window. Our unique design allows you to monitor the flame in the insulated fire box without opening the door and causing temperature fluctuations in the cook chamber. This means easier to control cook temps and faster cook times.
  • Cook rack system. Our cook racks are packed with feature themselves. First our racks are made of heavy duty high grade steel 316 Stainless steel racks and customizable cook surfaces also available. Our standard cook rack system has the ability to be pulled out and suspended with a full load of food on them. Our racks also have a lip in the rear of them that will catch rolling foods like sausages hot dogs, and chicken legs from rolling off the rack when you slide the rack out.
  • Positive Pressure door latches. Our door latches securely fasten cook chamber doors to create a air tight seal. This latch can also be locked in the close position when unit is in tow to prevent doors from opening in tow.
  •  Easy-Lift Door hinges. Our unique hinge design uses a patented spring system to make door operation a breeze.
  • Heat Tuning system. OUr reverse flow smokers utilize our advanced heat tuning plate system. With a quick shift of a couple tuning plates you can go from smoking, to grilling, or smoke and grill at the same time. These plates can also hold water trays for H2O cooking.
  • Double Welded Seams. NSF requires all  seams to be welded inside and out to prevent bacteria from hiding in seams. Our cook chambers are welded inside and out and deburred for safe easy cleaning making our smokers and grills the safest cooker on the market.
  • 1" 1/4 turn ball valve for grease drain for easy cleaning.
  • Lock out tag out. Our smokers come with a complete lock out tag out safety system that can lock the cook chamber doors in the open position for safe worry free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Auto-Lock door system. Our cook chamber doors automatically lock in the open position for safe easy hands free operation. With the flip of a lever the door is released and closes softly due to our spring hing system.
  • Cool touch lever handles.  Our lever handles use stainless steel cool touch handles for safe worry free operation.
  • Rounded edges. All the corners and edges have been rounded off for safe worry free operation.
  • Ornate handle design. Our new cool touch cook chamber door handle design now offers a ornate flare to the fastening section for a clean pleasing look and enhanced durability.
  • High quality finish.  We use a food safe odor free chemical and heat resistant paint finish that will last a lifetime.
  • High quality air damper system.  Our cookers use a unique damper design that make the operation of our smokers a breeze. First the fire box contains two dampers one on each side. With this feature you can Tailor the unit to the weather conditions outside. Next our chimney damper comes in a manual or digital controlled unit that automatically controls cook chamber temps (extra charges apply for digital automation) Our cookers are designed to control the cook chamber temps with just the chimney damper a feature that is unique to our cookers.
  • Last but not least our grills and smokers have one more safety feature. They are all fire and explosion proof. In the event of a grease fire you can just simply close doors and dampers and cooker will completely choke out the fire.  Our propane units come complete with computer controlled gas valves and ignition models that detect ignition. Gas is automatically shut off when no flame is detected. In the event gas is trapped or ignited pressure is diverted safely out of the chimney as door latches are explosion proof and will hold doors closed under extreme pressure. We do not use cheap ready made parts all our components are designed and manufactured by us for us.

How do we know we are the best you may ask? The proof is in the BBQ. Our special airflow design software ensures a proper burn every time you use one of our cookers. Why is a clean burn so important to us? Creosote is a chemical film that can cover your food affecting the flavor, and can even make some people sick. How can you tell if your food is covered in creosote? It's simple, look for the dark, almost burnt look on the outer layer of food cooked in other smokers and check out the images of food cooked in a Cajun Smoker. Notice our food still has a pink smoke ring but no dark film. This is why we are number one in the industry, and your food is sure to be #1 too.

Best Smoker in Moorhead, MN
Barbecue Smoker Moorhead
Hog Roasting Smoker Moorhead

Creosote covered food from our competitions smoker 

Our pre-engineered Smoker and grill designs are tried and true with dozens of success stories from satisfied customers.

Our pre-engineered smokers and grills are packed with more standard features than any other outdoor smoker on the market. Check out all the amazing standard features our North Woods Edition Smokers include:

  • All 1/4" thick high-grade steel construction
  • Computer engineered air flow chambers
  • Insulated firebox
  • Fire view window
  • Full-size top racks
  • Slide and suspend cook rack system
  • Food catcher on racks (stops food from rolling off the end of the rack)
  • Positive pressure door latches
  • Anti-gravity hinge system
  • Three heavy duty dampers
  • Reverse flow heat tuning plate system
  • Durable chemical and heat resistant finish
  • Double welded seams (inner weld to prevent bacteria from hiding in crevices) easy clean system
  • 1" 1/4 turn ball valve for grease drain
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Stainless steel cool touch handles
  • Ornate cook door handles
  • Lock out tag out locks for safe cleaning
  • Auto door latch locks doors open without the use of hands
  • All rounded edges for safety

Nothing Cooks Like A Cajun