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It's finally here folks the NSF Certified outdoor wood fired North Woods Edition smoker series.

These Culinary masterpieces will give you the ability too consistently produce you own masterpieces every time you fire these North Woods series smokers and grills up! The North Woods series smokers have been designed and constructed to withstand the conditions of constant outdoor use on a commercial scale. Our unique air flow design software was used to design an outdoor cooker that performs outdoors all year in climates down to -20F in a snow storm. This is perfect for those who want to cater all year or would like to add a smoker to their kitchen but do not have the room.

        This smoker/grill combination cookers are made of 1/4" thick high grade 300 series stainless steel and are loaded with standard features that make cooking a breeze.

NSF smoker with stove top

Here at Cajun Custom Cookers we are serious about safety which is why we spare no expense on the design, construction, and testing of all our cooking equipment to ensure they are packed with all the necessary safety features to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe from injury or from the spread of harmful bacteria that can hide in our competitors cookers.   

Our patented cook top fire box allows you to smoke or grill food in the cook chamber and cook on our stove top.

Our new patented interchangeable rack system is the most versatile in the industry. Simply remove the desired half stainless steel laser cut cook surface and replace it with the one you want. We have four cook surfaces to choose from and custom surfaces are also available like logos and names. Our amazing rack system also can slide out and stay suspended with a full load of food on them! This allows the chef too easily access every square inch of cook surface.

Our insulated fire box system is one of the most efficient cooking systems on the market using only 1/2 the amount of fuel as our competitors. This alone will add bigger numbers to your bottom line because whether you use wood, gas, electric or a combo of two the cost of fuels of any kind are not going down but with Our North Woods line of smokers the amount of fuel you use can go down dramatically. Our super efficient design also means no struggling to maintain steady or higher cook temperatures as our computer designed air flow chambers allow for easy worry free operation even in the middle of winter.

Whats that window you say? I'm glad you asked this is our patented fire view window. This clever window allows the chef and my kids :) to safely view the fire in the fire box without having to open the fire box door causing unnecessary temperature fluctuations. You can watch as the flame rolls under the heat tuning plates towards the Pyro ceramic window. This is truly the safest and most efficient way to monitor what is going on in the fire box.

Available in 9 sizes!

1. 20" dia X 36" long cook chamber 1,170 sq in cook surface

2. 20" dia X 48" long cook chamber 1,408 sq in cook surface

3. 20" dia X 60" long cook chamber 1,880 sq in cook surface

4. 24" dia X 48" long cook chamber 1,894 sq in cook surface

5. 24"dia X 60" long cook chamber 2,384 sq in cook surface

6. 24" dia X 72" long cook chamber 2,864 sq in cook surface

7. 30" dia X 48" long cook chamber2,476 sq in cook surface w/ extra 3rd center rack 3,620 sq in cook surface

8. 30" dia X 60" long cook chamber 3,112 sq in cook surface

9. 30"dia X 72" long cook chamber 3,602 sq in cook surface

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