Lyman in MN,

                          Archi in  MI,

Now I can cook all year outdoors I love my new Lil-Cajun!

                      Jamie in MN,

I received my smoker just in time to sell to the 14,000 people that showed up to our town celebration. My Cajun Cooker held temps no problem and the faster cook times made me lots of money :)

All my friends at the church love my Cajun Custom Cooker and we all can enjoy grilled and smoked food all year even here in Minnesota!

This is Cajun Custom Cookers very first customer Dusty @ The Park Side Restaurant in WI.

                Sue's Q Catering. MI.

         Mr. & Mrs. Nordstrom MN.

           Mr. & Mrs Swanson ND.

The Douglas was created for Douglas Machine in MN. It was made to mimic thier Countour line of automated heat shrink/packaging units.  MN.

We built these jerky racks for our friend Bob the Butcher for his vertical smoker he aquired elsware. 

These jerky racks hang from 3 rods up top and can be easly removed for his original rack system to be put back in place. 

This work of art was created for Jarraff Industries and was designed to mimic the look of thier new tree triming machine.