The Cattleman 

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The Cattleman is a huge reverse flow smoker that provides a huge amount of cook surface with a wide range of capabilities. This in a very versatile, and unique smoker that gives its user an abundant amount of cooking options. This smoker can cold smoke, hot smoke, grill, smoke and grill at the same time, will cook on one side and hot hold at lower temp on other side, user can adjust temps across the cook chamber to different temps or user can set cook chamber temps to be even.


Beautyful design and timeless functionality 

Packed with standard safety features 

Available in dozens of configurations

Huge 30" diameter cook chamber available in 4',5',&6' lengths!

Patented heat distrobution system means unmatched versitility.

Unparalled effecincy by design

Means more money in your pocket!

BBQ smoker on trailer CO

Top load fire box available!

Southern style engineered for the North