The Cattleman 

The Cattleman is a huge reverse flow smoker that provides a huge amount of cook surface with a wide range of capabilities. This in a very versatile, and unique smoker that gives its user an abundant amount of cooking options. This smoker can cold smoke, hot smoke, grill, smoke and grill at the same time, will cook on one side and hot hold at lower temp on other side, user can adjust temps across the cook chamber to different temps or user can set cook chamber temps to be even.

       The Cattleman can be ordered in a 4', 5', or 6' cook chamber length and has a 30" diameter. 4' long models rack sizes are (Bottom rack 44" W X 29" D) (Top rack 44" W X 22" D) 

There are also several rack combinations you can choose from like single hog roasting racks the choice can be yours. There are also multiple cook chamber door configurations like single our dual doors so this smoker can truly be tailored just for you. Even the fire box can be ordered in multiple load configurations like top load, front load, or side load designs so your new smoker will fit perfectly where you need it and be very easy to access, load, and clean,

      Don't worry about the size this highly efficient smoker has been engineered to operate in any climate and uses 1/2 the wood as our competitions smokers because of our patented computer designed air flow chamber, insulated fire box, and sure seal door design. These features make our cookers #1 in the industry and the best tool in your catering equipment inventory!

     Look below and see all the standard features this great machine offers.

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  • Reverse flow tuning plate heat distribution system
  • Computer design air flow chambers
  • 2 Heavy duty air dampers on fire box
  • heavy duty chimney damper
  • Insulated double wall fire box
  • Double welded seams  for easy cleaning
  • Food safe, chemical resistant, heat resistant finish
  • All 1/4" thick high grade steel construction
  • Sure-Seal door system
  • Positive pressure door latch
  • Auto-Lock door system
  • Lock out tag out safety system
  • In-tow latch lock system
  • Cool touch SS handles
  • Ornate cook door handles
  • Fire view window
  • 3" Thermostats
  • Slide and suspend cook racks
  • food catch lip on cook racks
  • Heavy duty high capacity cook racks
  • Works as smoker or grill
  • Cold smoke generator
  • ember screens
  • 1" 1/4 turn ball valve grease drain
  • Limited lifetime warranty 

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Top Load version available also!

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