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Best smoker in the world
Insulated fire box

Stainless steel pizza oven in the fire box cooks pizza in 1 minute!

Pyro-Ceram window allows safe fire monitoring without opening door and loosing heat!

best BBQ smoker on a trailer
Pizza oven in fire box

The  Fire Box

Everything you will ever need and more!

Industry Leading Cook chambers

Master any cook style with our interchangeable Cook surfaces.

Explosion proof fire containment cook chambers mean you, your family, and or customers will feel comfortable knowing you own the safest Smoker in the world.

Cook chambers are welded inside and out to prevent harmful bacteria from hiding in seams and makes cleaning a breeze  

We have crated the most versatile portable smoker on the planet.

Nothing Cooks Like A Cajun!

The Tasso

best smoker trailer
wood smoker 5' Tasso