Vertical Smokers


Insulated dual wall construction

Our Vertical cookers are made from 1/4" thick high grade steel and offer a unique insulated design.

      A wifi control system is also available so you can now control and monitor your cooker from anywhere in the world from your cell phone

vertical smoker vs offset

We offer more capacity than our competitors

Our vertical smokers pack more capacity than our competitors and offer complete slide and suspend rack system for superior ergonomics. 

Our indirect cooking system means even cook temps and no more burned food! This is truly the best vertical smoking system available on the market today. 

Best vertical BBQ smokers

Advanced indirect heat adjustment & H2O system 

Our advanced design allows the chef to control heat distrobution so all the food in the chambe cooks evenly without burning even on the bottom rack. Because there are no moving parts it is the most reliable cooking system available on the market. This smoker will hold cook chamber temps of 500 degrees in -20F and is designed for the North Woods